Altech Batteries ASX ATC design optimisation Cerenergy battery 60 KWh ABS60
October 24, 2023
Altech Batteries completes design optimisation of Cerenergy battery

Altech Batteries (ASX: ATC) has optimised the design of its 60 kilowatts per hour Cerenergy battery pack following final collaborations with component suppliers.

The pack has undergone a makeover and now sports a sleek stainless steel exterior with the prominent Cerenergy logo on top and the “Altech Batteries” name engraved at the bottom.

The company said it was confident the new finish would have a better ability to endure extreme temperature variations while maintaining a pristine appearance.

Battery casing

The battery’s casing is equipped with a vacuum-sealed, double-sided enclosure to provide optimal insulation.

This is because the unit has an internal operating temperature of approximately 270 degrees Celsius, requiring heat transfer losses to be minimised and safety of human contact with the battery’s exterior maximised.

The base of the battery has been further reinforced to accommodate temperature-resistant cables and connectors, minimising heat loss to the outside environment.

Heating pads have also been integrated into the internal vacuum-packed casing.

Altech said the heating process would typically take 10 hours before the battery is fully activated, after which it could sustain its internal temperature with minimal reliance on the pads.

Further enhancements have been made to the battery’s internal frames and 48 cells to optimise their performance while the connector plates – which are responsible for electrically linking the cells while maintaining insulation — have been installed using laser-targeted welding.

Working prototypes

Altech has ordered two working prototype ABS60 KWh batteries from Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute.

The packs are already in production, with roughly half of the required cells completed.

The production capacity is limited by the size of the Institute’s pilot plant equipment and kiln capacity but Altech said “excellent progress” had been made with all completed cells performing as expected.

The first stainless steel, vacuum-sealed battery case has also been delivered to Fraunhofer Institute where it will undergo comprehensive heat transfer loss testing as well as temperature profiling.

The cells will be assembled in the pack once they are completed.

Further cycling and long-term performance tests have been scheduled.


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