Aurora Labs ASX A3D AL250 commercial printer build 3D commercial printer
October 5, 2023
Aurora Labs to start first stage of AL250 commercial printer build

Aurora Labs (ASX: A3D) has finalised the detail design work of its AL250 3D commercial printer and is about to embark on the first stage of the physical build.

The company said procured components are now being assembled and built for incorporation into the machine frame for testing and validation.

Importantly the printer will enable bi-directional recoating of powders integrated with Aurora’s patented MCP technology.

It will help improve the laser on-time and further increase duty cycles and efficiencies of the printing system.

It will also support research into the further development of MCP (multi-layer concurrent printing) functionality in laser powder bed fusion technology.

Tracking to plan

Chief executive officer Rebekah Letheby said the project was tracking to plan.

“This physical printer build will materialise into the first machine which will be our premier flagship printer model,” she said.

“It is great to see a high quality, precision machine being built with Australian engineering at its core… the AL250 will be a best-in-class printer with robustness and reliability for its industrial users.”

Cutting-edge features

Ms Letheby said the printer would incorporate cutting-edge features.

“Features such as dynamic adjustment of layer height and a proprietary powder dosing mechanism which conditions the powder just prior to delivery will be useful for material research,” she said.

“This mechanism can also move non-spherical shaped powder which opens up a world of material development including the ability to laser inexpensive crushed or non-spherical powders, many which remain unexplored in laser powder bed fusion.”

She said it would have key elements aimed at improving the productivity and research potential of the additive manufacturing concept.

Sample parts

Once the AL250 is built, Aurora will initially print sample validation parts to assess part quality prior to commencing sales to growing industrial verticals such as the energy, mineral processing and defence sectors.

The first machine will be used to support Aurora’s own additive manufacturing services business and potential users will be able to assess the printer before purchasing.

“This offers buyers assurance that correct quality and appropriate standards can be reached for printed parts and print processes,” Ms Letheby said.


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