January 4, 2024
TSD Alert: Barchart Ranks CSE: BNN “TOP 1%” in Strength & Direction as Benjamin Hill Mining (CSE: BNN) Announces Acquisition of Fully Permitted Project

January 4, 2024

Hello Traders,

The CSE: BNN chart is truly a sight to behold! It recently surged past the 0.50 resistance level and ended Tuesday on a high note. Before I dive into the details, I want to invite you to see what the experts are saying about the CSE: BNN chart on popular analysis websites this morning. It’s quite the exciting sto

  • Barchart ranks CSE: BNN “TOP 1%” in Current Strength
  • Barchart ranks CSE: BNN as a 100 “Strongest” in Current Direction
  • TradingView’s Technical Analysis is “STRONG BUY” for both Daily and Weekly timeframes
  • TradingView’s Technical Analysis is ” BUY ” or ” STRONG BUY ” for all 10 out 10 time frames tracked by TradingView!

Add Benjamin Hill Mining (CSE: BNN) to Your Watchlist Right Away

A 7% annual return on investments is typically considered quite solid, and a “strong” annual return is often defined as anything surpassing the 10% mark. Back in November 2023, we introduced our members to Benjamin Hill Mining (CSE: BNN), and as of yesterday, it has shown remarkable growth, boasting an impressive 51% gain. Exciting times indeed!

On November 7, 2023 CSE: BNN was introduced at 0.37
On January 2, 2024 CSE: BNN hit a high of 0.56

The steady 51% gain over the past two months is truly remarkable. Calling it “strong” is an understatement.
For CSE:BNN the ascent has been remarkably consistent, especially with heightened activity over the past two months. However, it’s essential to remember that the journey might still hold more surprises in store.

As we step into the new year, it’s remarkable to see that CSE: BNN has already caught our attention within just a few days. Activity is on the rise, and many prominent stock and technical analysis websites are now displaying bullish signals in vibrant green hues:

  • Barchart: Barchrt’s “Opinion” is as good as it gets with a “100% Buy” showing Top 1% Current Strength along with Top 1% Current Direction (pictured below)
  • Investing.com: “Strong Buy” Summary with “Strong Buy” Technicals and “Strong Buy” Moving Averages (all eight time frames!)
  • TradingView: “Strong Buy” Summary with “Strong Buy” Moving Averages and “Buy” Oscillators
  • TipRanks: “Buy” Overall Consensus with “Strong Buy” Moving Averages

Although CSE: BNN is known for its focus on gold and copper exploration, it’s the recent announcement of a non-binding letter of intent with Aion Mining Corp. that has really ignited excitement. They revealed plans to acquire a 20% stake in Aion, along with their interest in a fully permitted coal project situated in Santander, Colombia. This news has generated substantial interest.

As emphasized by the company’s CEO, Cole McClay, “Benjamin Hill’s strategy with this investment is to develop a path to revenue in a strong global energy resource market. This adds significant value to the company, partnered with our recent exploration advances at the Alotta Project in the West-central Yukon.

CSE: BNN has offered a glimpse into that “path to revenue.”

A Strategic Investment with a Potential Path to Generating Revenue:

  • The property contains eight known seams of metallurgical and thermal coal shown from recent and historical diamond drilling programs and surface exposures;
  • The project is fully permitted under Colombian Law, including environmental licencing;
  • Location and existing regional coal mining infrastructure is excellent. Aion recently completed a drill program that further confirms the existence and location of seams and contained coal quality.
  • Aion has a diverse and experienced Colombian management team consisting of mining and civil engineers, geologists, and an experienced social and environmental manager.
  • Aion’s country manager was formerly a member of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Colombian Coal Producers.
  • Aion will proceed with performing underground bulk sampling of the different seams.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that, despite the headlines highlighting the rise of cleaner energy sources, coal is anticipated to continue playing a significant role in electricity generation for the foreseeable future.

Coal presently contributes slightly over a third of the world’s electricity generation, and according to the IEA, it will also maintain its essential role in the production of iron and steel.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that Colombia holds the top position in coal production in South America. The outlook for the coal market, especially in the thermal sector, continues to be robust.

In fact, 360 Research Reports has noted:

“Thermal Coal Market” is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years, primarily driven by the growing demand for (Power Generation, Locomotive Propulsion, Others).”

Additionally, Statista has said they expect coal will see an annual growth rate of 5.39% (CAGR 2023-2028).

And, of course, it’s important to mention that CSE: BNN also operates in one of Canada’s most prominent regions for gold and copper production:

  • CSE: BNN owns a copper-gold project neighbouring Western Copper and Gold’s Casino Project, called Canada’s largest critical minerals mine and reported to have 12.7 million ounces of gold and 7.4 billion pounds of copper.
  • CSE: BNN’s Alotta Property is nearly twice the size of Western Copper and Gold’s Casino Project.
  • CSE: BNN’s Alotta Property consists of 74 mineral claims that cover over 1550 Ha. along the Dawson Range, Yukon- an area that is also home to projects from industry giants like Newmont, Kinross, and White Gold.

Before we delve further into this, let’s take a step back and introduce today’s featured company. You’ll definitely want to keep a close watch on Benjamin Hill Mining Corp. (CSE: BNN) this week.

Learn more about Benjamin Hill Mining Corp by visiting the links below:

Investing.com’s Technical Analysis is just about as bullish as Barchart this morning:

In their own words: “Benjamin Hill Mining is a Canadian-listed junior gold exploration company focused on exploring and developing the Alotta project in Yukon, Canada. The Alotta project is a porphyry copper-gold-molybdenum prospect, located 50 kilometres south of the Casino porphyry deposit in the unglaciated portion of the Dawson Range porphyry/epithermal belt.

We briefly discussed CSE: BNN’s gold and copper operations, but now let’s dive a bit deeper into the details.

In late November, CSE: BNN shared some crucial insights about their Alotta Project, highlighting a few key points:

  • Magnetic depletion, High total potassium counts from a radiometric survey and Induced Polarization survey results coincides with anomalous geochemistry of gold/copper in soils indicating the occurrence of a large, porphyry related hydrothermal system.
  • The first two drill holes both confirmed a large, multiphase, porphyry system, bearing copper and molybdenum mineralization. All split core samples will be analyzed by ALS Laboratories. Assay results are pending.
  • Management of project by Archer Cathro and Associates, the same company responsible for previous Casino exploration. Archer Cathro, in consultation with Benjamin Hill geologists defined the targets for drill testing.

Once more, we’ve introduced CSE: BNN to our members in the past, but let’s reiterate the numbers for emphasis:


  • Copper holds the title of being the world’s third most utilized industrial metal. Its importance in clean energy technologies cannot be understated, thanks to its exceptional conductivity, versatility, and superior heat dissipation properties when compared to other metals.
  • A recent Fitch Ratings report emphasizes that copper’s long-term prospects are bolstered by its role in meeting the demand arising from the global energy transition.
  • Goldman Sachs has recently unveiled an optimistic forecast for the copper market in 2023-24. Their analysts anticipate a price surge, with copper prices rising from the current US$8500 per metric ton to $11,000 per metric ton this year, and further increasing to a projected US$12,000 per metric ton.

The global research and consultancy group, Wood Mackenzie, has recently put forth the idea that achieving a net-zero global emissions scenario will necessitate the addition of 9.7 million metric tons of new copper supply over the next decade.

To meet these objectives and reach zero-carbon targets, an annual investment of approximately US$23 billion over a span of 30 years will be required to develop new copper projects.

With the anticipated surge in copper demand and the growing necessity for new mines and increased supply, Benjamin Hill Mining’s proactive efforts in advancing their promising Alotta Property make it an opportune moment to delve deeper into their potential.

The research analysts at Goldman Sachs go to the extent of labeling copper as the “new oil,” underscoring its critical role in propelling the global economy towards achieving net-zero emissions.

Glencore CEO Gary Nagle put it bluntly:

“The world just doesn’t get it. It doesn’t understand that a massive copper deficit is coming. The world will stop without the additional copper supply.”

Given the current landscape, CSE: BNN seems to be in a favorable position. Their recent acquisition of a 20% stake in Aion, coupled with their involvement in a fully permitted coal project, presents a more immediate avenue to revenue. Simultaneously, their gold and copper projects hold the promise of substantial future revenues. It’s a well-rounded approach to seize present and future opportunities.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this report, the chart for CSE: BNN is truly a sight to behold at the moment:

As evident from the chart, CSE: BNN has successfully breached the previous resistance level of 0.50 and is reaching new highs. With all the positive factors in play for CSE: BNN, the only remaining question is just how high this hidden gem in Canadian exploration can soar!

We strongly encourage our members to take prompt action and initiate their research on CSE: BNN immediately. This appears to be an exceptional situation that is unfolding as we speak.

For additional information, we invite you to visit the company’s website at Benjamin Hill Mining and explore their quote page at CSE: BNN Quote.

As always, we encourage you to conduct your own in-depth research and seek advice from a qualified professional before making any investment decisions. Your financial well-being is paramount.

Warm Regards,

Julie, Trade Street Digest



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