September 19, 2023
Market Report: The Unstoppable Rise of Copper in 2023

The global energy landscape is undergoing a seismic shift towards sustainability, driven by the urgent need to combat climate change. As the world embraces renewable energy sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net-zero targets, one metal has emerged as the unsung hero of this transition: copper. 

Long known for its exceptional conductivity, malleability, and durability, copper’s value has skyrocketed to new heights due to its crucial role in the renewable energy revolution. This report delves into the unprecedented rise in copper demand, explores the market dynamics propelling its price surge, and highlights investment opportunities, with a special focus on Canada One Mining Corp. (TSXV: CONE) and its Copper Dome Project.

Copper’s Pivotal Role in Renewable Energy

Copper’s valuable properties have placed it at the heart of modern technological advancements, especially in the realm of renewable energy. Its unparalleled conductivity, low electrical resistance, and remarkable durability have rendered it indispensable in various green technologies.

  1. Wind Turbines: In the quest for cleaner energy, wind power has emerged as a frontrunner. Copper is an integral part of wind turbines, used extensively in generator coils, transformers, and electric cables. The International Energy Agency estimates that a single megawatt (MW) wind turbine can require up to 9 tons of copper, ensuring efficient energy generation and transmission.
  2. Solar Panels: Solar energy, another cornerstone of the renewable energy movement, heavily relies on copper for its efficient functioning. Wiring, busbars, and connectors within solar panels all depend on copper. Each MW of solar power requires over 3 tons of copper.
  3. Energy Storage: The rapid growth of energy storage systems, including batteries and supercapacitors, necessitates copper’s presence for effective energy distribution, storage, and discharge.
  4. Electric Vehicles (EVs): As the automotive industry shifts towards electrification, EVs have emerged as a transformative force. Copper is a critical component in electric vehicle engines, charging stations, and various components, requiring over 117 lbs of copper per MW.

In essence, copper is the pivotal element facilitating the shift away from fossil fuel-dependent energy sources towards cleaner alternatives. As the world accelerates its adoption of renewable energy, the demand for copper is poised to experience an unprecedented surge.

Copper’s Price Surge and Market Predictions

The growing importance of copper in the renewable energy sector has caught the attention of financial analysts and industry experts alike. Several factors are contributing to the projected price surge of copper:

  1. Supply-Demand Dynamics: As the demand for copper outpaces supply, driven by the rapid growth of renewable energy technologies, a supply-demand imbalance is inevitable. The basic law of economics dictates that when demand exceeds supply, prices rise. The world is on the cusp of witnessing this phenomenon in the copper market.
  1. Renowned Analysts’ Projections: Financial institutions and industry experts are making bullish projections for copper prices. Citigroup, for instance, anticipates that copper prices could double by 2025, urging investors to position themselves ahead of the rally to $15,000. Other analysts, comparing copper’s trajectory to oil’s 2000s bull run, foresee even more substantial price increases.
  1. Billionaire Investors’ Interest: Astute investors, including luminaries like Robert Friedland, George Soros, and Ken Griffin, have already recognized the potential of copper and are strategically allocating resources to capitalize on its projected bull run.,,
  1. Singapore Trading House’s Forecast: Trafigura, a major player in commodity trading, forecasts copper prices to reach record highs, underlining the growing consensus that copper’s value is set to soar.

Supply-Demand Imbalance and the Race for New Mines

The push towards renewable energy and the subsequent electrification of industries has cast a spotlight on the copper supply chain. Copper’s indispensability in these technologies is driving demand to unprecedented levels. However, the supply side is struggling to keep pace, setting the stage for a significant supply-demand imbalance.

  1. Projected Demand Surge: According to S&P Global, the demand for copper is expected to double by 2035, steadily growing to 53 million metric tons by 2050. This staggering demand surpasses the cumulative copper consumption from 1900 to 2021.
  1. Impending Supply Gap: Analysts are projecting a substantial supply shortfall by 2035. S&P Global estimates an annual supply gap of nearly 10 million metric tons, accounting for around 20% of the copper required to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.
  1. Potential Price Implications: The intersection of surging demand and limited supply could lead to an unprecedented surge in copper prices. Experts like Robert Friedland warn that prices could increase by up to 10-fold due to the supply-demand imbalance.

The urgency to secure copper supply for the renewable energy revolution has created a race for new mines. Existing mines’ output expansion alone may fall short in meeting the projected demand. The solution lies in the development of new copper mining projects to bridge the supply gap and support the transition to cleaner energy sources.

Canada One Mining Corp. and the Copper Dome Project

In this landscape of heightened copper demand and supply scarcity, Canada One Mining Corp. (TSXV: CONE) emerges as a player with strategic foresight. The company’s flagship Copper Dome Project is strategically situated within the Quesnel Trough, Canada’s longest mineral belt. Key highlights include:

  1. Proximity to Established Mines: The Copper Dome Project enjoys a prime location adjacent to the Copper Mountain Mine, one of Canada’s largest copper mines. This proximity offers valuable insights and potential synergies for both projects.
  1. Historical High-Grade Copper Findings: Previous drilling campaigns at the Copper Dome Project have yielded promising results, confirming the presence of high-grade copper. These findings bolster the project’s exploration potential and its attractiveness to investors.
  1. Comprehensive Drill Program: Canada One Mining Corp. is preparing to embark on a first phase 2,500-meter drill program in the coming months. This program aims to further explore and delineate the potential resources within the Copper Dome Project.

Investment Opportunities and Future Outlook

The increasing prominence of copper in the renewable energy sector presents a unique investment opportunity for forward-thinking investors. As the world accelerates its transition to cleaner energy sources, copper’s value proposition is bound to appreciate significantly. Investments in high-potential exploration projects, like Canada One Mining Corp.’s Copper Dome Project, could yield substantial returns as copper prices surge.

The era of renewable energy has ushered in a new era of resource demand and supply dynamics, with copper at its epicenter. As the backbone of renewable energy technologies, copper’s role is irreplaceable, making it a pivotal element in the pursuit of a greener future. The projected supply-demand imbalance in the copper market, driven by the exponential growth of renewable energy, is poised to trigger a significant price surge. In this context, Canada One Mining Corp. and its Copper Dome Project exemplify the strategic positioning needed to capitalize on this market trend. As the world seeks to secure copper supply for the renewable energy revolution, investing in projects that explore and develop this vital metal could yield substantial returns while contributing to a more sustainable future.



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