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October 18, 2023
Prescient Therapeutics to present latest cancer treatment breakthroughs at world-leading conference

Australian clinical stage oncology company Prescient Therapeutics (ASX: PTX) is set to present the exciting results from its latest cancer treatment study at the world’s largest hematology event.

Prescient’s abstract for results of its phase 1b study in T cell lymphomas has been accepted for poster presentation at the prestigious American Society of Hematology (ASH) annual meeting in December in San Diego, California.

An audience of around 25,000 international physicians, industry participants and researchers are expected to attend the event which is the largest and most comprehensive hematology conference in the world.

Major breakthroughs on show

Prescient’s managing director and chief executive officer, Steven Yatomi-Clarke, said the conference will highlight the latest advancements and innovations in hematological diseases.

“It is a huge honour to have our abstract presented at the world’s most prestigious hematology conference,” he said.

“This is a validation of the quality and relevance of the clinical data we are generating in T cell lymphomas, which is an area of unmet clinical need. It is also a testament to the hard work by the Prescient team and our clinical collaborators.”

“Prescient looks forward to presenting this data at ASH and will release this data to the market concurrently.”

Study program expanded

Prescient is dedicating significant expertise and resources into its research into the potential treatment of patients with relapsed and refractory T cell lymphomas.

The company has elected to expand its ongoing Phase 1b trial of its PTX-100 treatment after receiving encouraging results,

The company’s investigating team continue to see promising clinical activity in this difficult-to-treat patient population, which includes two patients who experienced a total eradication of their cancer.

The company’s clinical and regulatory advisors have previously recommended enrolling more patients in the ongoing Phase 1b trial.

Apart from the breakthrough cancer eradication results, PTX-100 also continues to exhibit an excellent safety profile at the highest dose of 2000 mg/m2.

A total of 13 TCL patients were initially dosed with PTX-100 in the early stages of the trial, with 8 patients dosed with PTCL and 5 patients with cutaneous TCL (CTCL).

Patients received a median of 3 prior lines of therapy and up to 5 systemic prior lines of therapy. PTX-100 was administered at doses up to 2,000 mg/m2. The expansion cohort has met its minimum enrolment schedule, and the study was expanded as patients responded for longer than expected.

Cell therapy studies

Along with its PTX-100 clinical development, the company continues to advance its cell therapy platforms, CellPryme and OmniCAR.

Steady development has continued with OmniCAR platform, which unlike conventional “static” construct CAR-T therapies, is a modular platform which enables many desirable control features, including post infusion control of cell activity via binder administration and the ability to direct immune cells against a variety of targets sequentially or simultaneously.

As the OmniCAR platform development advances, Prescient’s focus has been to methodically explore these variables that demonstrate the control and flexibility features of the platform, and prepare a robust pre-clinical data set to inform clinical studies.

Such data will also be of interest to external parties seeking solutions to overcome the limitations of current CAR-T therapies.


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