September 20, 2023
Unstoppable Rise Of Copper (SQ)

The Unstoppable Rise Of Copper

The $1 Trillion renewable energy market is sending copper demand soaring.

Discover why analysts are calling copper ‘the most important metal in the world’…

And why savvy investors are positioning themselves in Canada One Mining Corp. (TSXV:CONE, OTC:COMCF) for what is anticipated to be copper’s next super-cycle.

The world is gearing up for an extraordinary leap towards renewable energy.  And while lithium, cobalt, and rare earth metals may steal the headlines…

Another resource is set to play an even more vital role: Copper.

In fact, copper is being called the ‘irreplaceable‘ raw material for renewable energy. And some of the world’s top analysts see the red metal soaring in the coming months:

 Copper prices will surge to a record high this year.

Copper is the new oil.

Buy Copper now before the rally to $15,000.

Copper could be one of the smartest investment opportunities of the next decade.

Investors can position themselves now to take advantage of copper’s anticipated super-cycle bull run with Canada One Mining Corp. (TSXV:CONE,OTC:COMCF)

The company has acquired a significant land package in Canada’s longest mineral belt, the Quesnel Trough…

Its 100%-owned project – the Copper Dome Project – is right next door to one of the largest copper mines in Canada. That’s the Copper Mountain mine, pictured below.

Historical drill results have already confirmed the presence of high-grade copper.

The red metal may be about to go on a run that could…

“Make oil’s 2008 bull run look like child’s play”

Remember when oil traded for only $10 a barrel?  And how prices surged to past $140 in 2008?

A similar move may happen with copper…

In fact, copper is already starting to climb: Prices hit an all-time high last year1, and according to Bloomberg, it’s the top-performing industrial metal this year.2

Some of the world’s top analysts predict copper prices are about to soar – high above 2022’s record prices…

Billionaire investors like Robert Friedland, George Soros, and Ken Griffin are already positioning themselves in copper stocks. 3

Singapore trading house Trafigura forecasts “Copper price to surge to record high this year.4

Citigroup said it’s an “ideal time5 for investors to buy –the bank believes the price of copper could double by 2025.6

  • They’re advising investors to “buy copper now before the rally to $15,000”.7

Max Layton, the Managing Director of Commodities Research for Citi, believes copper could be on the cusp of a jump that would “make oil’s 2008 bull run look like child’s play.”8

What could that mean for copper? Think about it like this…

In the 2000s, a 5% supply-demand gap led crude oil to rally 7.5x higher – from $20 a barrel to almost $150.9

But unlike oil, analysts today aren’t projecting just a 5% copper shortage… they’re projecting a 15% gap this decade.10

If copper follows a similar trajectory to oil, that means prices could jump over 22x their current levels.

Even Goldman Sachs is calling copper ‘the new oil’.11

The renowned investment bank thinks copper is on the cusp of a major move. In fact, Jeffrey Currie, Global head of commodities research at Goldman Sachs said, “The forward outlook is extraordinarily positive… like oil in the 2000s, you’ve got to absolutely love copper in the 2020s.12

The Most Important Metal in the World

Copper is such a critical part of the energy industry that it’s being called “the most important metal in the world13.

In fact, it’s almost impossible to replace copper. Here’s why…

Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity – 5-times better than nickel, almost twice as good as aluminum, and over 10-times better than lead.14  This allows for an efficient transfer of energy, minimizing power losses during both transmission and distribution.

It has a low resistance rating, which makes it ideal for high-powered applications like power lines and low-voltage wiring.

And it’s also unmatched in its malleability and pliability – meaning it is easily shaped and stretched without breaking.15

While traditional power sources (like coal, nuclear power, and natural gas) rely heavily on copper… renewable energy can use up to 6 times more!16

Copper will play a key role in the renewable energy revolution… 

  • It’s used extensively in wind turbines  – In the generator coils, transformers, and electric cables. According to the International Energy Agency, wind turbines can require 9 tons of copper per MW… that’s more than most African elephants weigh, the largest land animal on Earth17! For comparison, wind turbines require less than half a ton of nickel – roughly the size of a seal18… and minimal amounts of lithium and cobalt.19
  • It’s also a crucial element in solar panels – Used in the wiring, busbars, and connectors within the panels. Solar power needs over 3 tons of copper per MW – while requiring insignificant amounts of lithium, nickel, or cobalt.20
  • It’s integral in renewable energy storage – Found within the batteries and supercapacitors storing the renewable energy, and within the conductive components enhancing the efficiency and durability of energy storage.
  • And it’s a necessary component for electric vehicle engines and charging stations Electric vehicles need over 117 lbs of copper per MW – more than the amount of nickel and cobalt combined… and almost 6 times the amount of lithium required.21

The tremendous need for the red metal has led to investment research firm DDQINVEST calling it “the irreplaceable raw material for renewable energy22.

And that’s why companies exploring for this crucial resource – especially those in safe, North American jurisdictions like Canada One Mining Corp. (TSXV:CONE, OTC:COMCF) –  could be in a prime position to capitalize on the new energy economy.

The Best Place to Look for a Mine is Next to an Existing One

Canada One Mining is hunting for the world’s next major copper deposit.

Its flagship Copper Dome Project is located within Canada’s longest mineral belt, the Quesnel Trough.

The Quesnel Trough is a Triassic-Jurassic age arc of volcanic sedimentary rock and hosts a number of large alkalic copper-gold deposits.  It’s home to:

  • The Copper Mountain Mine, which has produced over 1.7 BILLION pounds of copper in its lifetime and was recently purchased by Hudbay Minerals Inc for US$439 million.
  • The Highland Valley Mine, which is one of the world’s largest open pit mines23 and produces an estimated 143,000 tons of copper per year.24
  • The New Afton Mine, rich in both gold and copper, and producing over 41,000 ounces of gold per year along with 15,000 tons of copper.25
  • The Mount Polley Mine, which is targeting a 2023 production of 16,500 tons of copper and 40,000 ounces of gold.26
  • And The Mount Milligan Mine, which produced 189,000 ounces of gold and almost 37,000 tons of copper last year.27

It is one of the most mineral rich regions in Canada – an ideal place to hunt for valuable troves of copper.  And it’s over 600 miles long!28

Another advantage of Quesnel Trough deposits is that they can have tremendous depth potential – meaning, they can have significant tonnage.29  More tonnage means more copper. And this is exactly what Canada One Mining is hoping to find…

Canada One Mining Corp. (TSXV:CONE, OTC:COMCF) isn’t just located within Canada’s longest mineral belt… It’s right next door to the Copper Mountain Mine.

Mineral deposits tend to form in clusters within prolific geologic belts – like the Quesnel Trough.

The Copper Dome Project’s northern border neighbors the existing Copper Mountain Mine – one of the largest copper mines in Canada.

The Copper Mountain Mine is targeting an average annual production of 69,000 tons of copper.  It has historically produced 1.7 billion pounds of copper, along with 700,000 ounces of gold, and 9 million ounces of silver!30

That’s a resource worth over $8 billion (and counting).31

And the Copper Dome Project is less than a mile from the Mine’s open pit deposits.

While proximity can be very important when locating a new mineral deposit, Canada One Mining also has historical drill results on its side…

Historical Drilling Confirms High-Grade Copper

Historical drill results have confirmed the presence of high-grade copper with gold credits.

Within the Friday Creek Zone of the Copper Dome Project, a 42.5 meter drill intercept contained 0.28% copper, including 1.5% over 6 meters.

And within the Combination Creek Zone, a 19.5 meter drill intercept returned 0.71% copper, including 2 meters of 4.08% and 1.25 meters of 6.44%.

Canada One Mining Corp. (TSXV:CONE, OTC:COMCF) believes the Copper Dome Project hosts geological similarities to the neighboring Copper Mountain Mine. The historic drill results are inline with the average production grade at Copper Mountain Mine of 0.24% copper…

For those of you new to exploration drilling, these intercepts represent drillcore lengths, true widths are unknown. Also, the drilling was done to the standards of the time and are considered “historical” in nature and should not be relied upon. Future drilling may not repeat similar results. BUT, these results do tell us WHY Canada One Mining is interested in this area.

The company also believes previous “missed opportunity” drilling at its Road Haul Zone could be beneficial . Two separate holes drilled over 500 meters each were drilled just on the edge of high chargeability and medium chargeability zones – rather than down the middle of these zones

  • Polarization is a well-established geophysical method for porphyry exploration.  Simply put, copper and gold bearing minerals found in porphyry deposits often form in a way that causes the ground to hold an electric charge – similar to how a battery in a car will hold a charge.  Often the more chargeable the ground… the more potential for copper and gold mineralization within that ground.32

There is also the potential for gold, silver, platinum and palladium mineralization which, in a mining scenario, could help offset copper production costs, increasing a mine’s profitability.

Planned Upcoming First Phase Drill Program

Canada One Mining Corp. (TSXV:CONE, OTC:COMCF) is planning a first phase  drill program this fall to test new drill targets that are currently being defined. A comprehensive drill permit has already been applied for and the company is hopeful of receiving this permit in time for a fall drill program.

The Irreplaceable Raw Material for the Renewable Energy Revolution33

An energy transition is on the horizon… one that will dramatically change the energy landscape of our nation.

In 2022, 79% of all U.S. energy consumption came from fossil fuels – almost 36% came from petroleum, over 33% was from natural gas, and coal accounted for almost 10%.

Renewables – including wind and solar – only provided 13% of the U.S.’s energy.34

But all of that is about to dramatically change – in fact, it could be about to completely flip…

The White House is pushing for 80% clean energy by 2030.35 

This means, a complete swap of energy sources could be here in just 7 years.

The White House’s plans are part of the larger Paris Agreement, where the United States – along with 192 other nations plus the European Union – formed a legally binding international treaty to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions.36  

Under the Agreement, all countries are to reduce their emissions and reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

According to the United Nations, the energy sector is the highest offender – emitting around three-quarters of all greenhouse gasses.

Consequently… the energy sector also holds the key to averting the worst effects of climate change.

  • Replacing coal, gas, and oil power with renewable energy sources – like wind and solar – could dramatically reduce carbon emissions.37

And as the world transitions from these conventional power sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet Net Zero by 2050 – it’s not surprising that the demand for copper is projected to steadily increase over the next few decades.

S&P Global predicts demand for copper will double by 203538.  By 2050, demand will steadily grow to 53 million metric tons

  • To put that figure in perspective, that’s more copper than the entire world consumed between 1900 and 2021.39

Supply may not be able to keep pace.  In fact, analysts are predicting a major supply-demand imbalance…

By 2035, S&P Global estimates the annual supply gap could hit almost 10 million metric tons – which is around 20% of the amount required to achieve net zero in 2050.40

  • According to S&P Global, a chronic copper shortfall could begin as early as next year.41
  • While CNBC reports a shortage could even start this year!42

As the demand for copper has gone up over the past couple years, so has its price and with demand expected to surge in the coming years, one expert thinks…

The Price of Copper Could Go Up “10-Fold”

In an interview with Bloomberg, Robert Friedland, chairman and co-founder of Ivanhoe Mines Ltd., a company with a $16 billion market capitalization,  warned of a copper shortfall, “We are heading towards a train wreck.”

He predicts the supply-demand imbalance could cause the price of copper to go up 10-fold.44

During the FT Commodity Global Summit in Switzerland, Kostas Bintas, co-head of metals and minerals at Trafigura, speaking of copper said “What’s the price of something the whole world needs but we don’t have any of?44

The bottom line: there is simply no way to stop the projected shortage in copper and meet net zero by 2050 without taking steps to increase supply.45

And while companies can try to increase the output of existing mines, the only viable answer to solving the supply crunch is…

The world needs new mines.

And that’s where high-potential exploration projects like Canada One Mining’s Copper Dome project could become highly sought after.

The Top 5 Reasons to Consider Investing in Canada One Mining Corp. (TSXV:CONE, OTC:COMCF)

  1. Renewable energy’s irreplaceable raw material. 
    Copper is a critical part of the energy transition – arguably more than lithium, more than cobalt, and more than nickel. Renewable energy can use up to 6 times more copper than traditional power sources, like coal and natural gas. As the world transitions from conventional power sources, the demand for copper is projected to skyrocket.
  2. Experts believe copper prices could soar.
    As the demand is projected to rise for copper, so is its price. But supply may not be able to keep pace with demand, and a projected copper shortage could send the prices much higher. A copper shortage could begin as early as this year, and Citigroup predicts the price of copper could double by 2025. Other analysts are predicting an even higher rise and are comparing copper’s projected bull run to oil’s run in the 2000s.
  3. The world will need new mines to meet net zero.
    According to S&P Global, increasing the output of existing mines alone won’t be enough to solve the projected supply crunch. The world will need new mines in order to produce enough copper and achieve net zero by 2050. Companies exploring for this crucial resource, especially those in safe Western jurisdictions like Canada One Mining Corp. (TSXV:CONE, OTC:COMCF) – could be in a prime position to capitalize on the new energy economy.
  4. The best place to look for a mine is next to an existing one.
    The Quesnel Trough is home to some of the largest copper-producing mines in Canada. And Canada One Mining’s flagship project, the Copper Dome Project, is right next door to the Copper Mountain Mine. The Copper Mountain Mine has produced 1.7 BILLION pounds of copper through 2019 and is expected to produce another 138 million pounds per year for the next 20 years. The Copper Dome Project has geological similarities and warrants further exploration
  5. Historical drilling confirms the presence of high-grade copper.
    Prior drilling within both the Friday Creek Zone and the Combination Creek Zone has confirmed the presence of high-grade copper. Canada One Mining has submitted a comprehensive drill permit and is hoping to potentially begin its drill program as early as October of this year.

Consider Canada One Mining Corp. (TSXV:CONE, OTC:COMCF) Today

The company has locked down an exciting exploration project next to a major producing mine.  Historical results indicate the presence of high-grade copper mineralization.  And it’s submitted a comprehensive drill permit, with the hope to potentially start drilling as early as October of this year…

Learn more about the company at their website, and as always do your own due diligence. You can also follow the company on social media by clicking on the icons below:

19 8,000 kgs of copper required in offshore wind, 403.5 kgs of nickel needed in onshore wind
20 2,822.1 kg of copper
21 53.2 kg of copper, 8.9 kg of lithium, 39.9 kg of nickel, 13.3 kg of cobalt
25 2022 annual production,
31 $1.37 billion in gold (using gold price of 1,959.24/oz), $6.65 billion in copper (copper price of $3.91/pound), and $220 million in silver (silver price of $24.39/oz). All prices as of July 29, 2023


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